Mobile Hair Stylist

What Are the Benefits of Using a Mobile Hair Stylist as Your Wedding Hairdresser?

One of the things you can do that may help you save some time and prove to be beneficial, is to book a mobile hair stylist for your wedding day – rather a wedding hairdresser that only operates out of a salon. A mobile hair stylist will come to your home or hotel room, making the getting-ready process of your wedding day much less stressful.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring a mobile stylist to be your wedding hairdresser is that you do not have to drive back and forth to different locations. Your wedding day should be calm and memorable, avoiding unnecessary running around (particularly if there’s inclement weather.) Having your hairstylist drive to you helps to free up your time. 

This way, you can have your hair and makeup done along with any pre-wedding photography, whilst sipping on bubbles, eating wedding day treats and laughing while reminiscing about old stories of how you all met. A mobile stylist takes a great deal of stress off your mind, leaving you with nothing left to do but slip into your wedding dress.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits associated with hiring a mobile hair stylist. Robyn at Inspired Hair is here to provide you with this ideal service on your big day. If you’re looking for a Matakana hairstylist, reach out to me today to learn more about how to schedule an appointment for a trial with me. This way, I can show that we will be a good fit to share your wedding day together.