Hair Education

If you are working as hairdresser or makeup artist and wanting to become more confident and skills with bridal and event hair ,Robyn offers hair education course to fellow stylists.

Being a bridal and event hairstylist can be rewarding and exciting but lacking confidence or skills to set you a part of everyone else is something Robyn can help you with.I am proud to help further the education of any hair stylist in the field, which is why I offer these courses. Here are some of the things that my courses focus on and what you can learn from taking my course.

Each and every year, there are new trends that emerge in hair. For example, right now, pixie cuts, gender-neutral cuts, and hair colors that are vibrant and bold are all extremely trendy. However, back in beauty school, most of us were not taught how to purposely make a client's hair blue or green or how to do short cuts on females. The hair education courses that I offer to my fellow Matakana hair stylist are designed to teach you more about these trends and how to appropriately perform these services for your clients, giving them that trendy hair color or cut that they are looking for. This helps you to offer fresh and new styles for your clientele.

Here at Inspired Hair, I am pleased to offer hair education courses to my fellow Matakana hair stylist. If you are looking to brush up on new techniques, or you want to learn how to perform some of the newest styles that your customers may be asking for, I can help. Contact me today to learn when my next hair education courses are and how to enroll.

Inspired Hair

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